Thursday, February 02, 2006

Exhibit A

exhibit A
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No, I didn't just get back from walking the dog.

I'm participating in a handspun yarn exchange: sort of like a Christmas cookie exchange, but with yarn. I send off 18 little baggies, each with about 5 yards of my own handspun, to Kim P. in Livonia Michigan. In a few weeks, i'll get an envelope with 18 different samples of handspun yarn. The theme for this exchange was 'blends' i send a wool/alpaca blend. It will be fun to see the different types of blends and hear the stories of how they were spun.

On the whole, I like exchanges/secret pals/gift elf type things, but I don't think I'll be doing many of them in the future. I've had two great sp/gift elfs and one that has apparently forgotten about me, so that puts a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. The exhcnages, like the Sock Round Robin and this one, are very fun and much lower on the committment chain.

Clapotis is coming to a fast close, pics soon. I've started new socks for Tim with a much, much thicker yarn than I'm used to, so I'm worried about running out of it. Thank goodness for the little scale.

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emy said...

Hi dear, don't think I have forgotten you :)

Just simply because it involves knitting so it has taken a little more time than expected.

I'll try and have it sent out by next week.