Monday, February 27, 2006


the hall
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It was a fiber filled weekend (again!), featuring knitting, spinning, and, oh, wrangling my stash into some type of manageable format.

Tim installed these great wire bins in the guest room closet, which work great, except a. I quickly outgrew the bins and b. the cats found they could pull yarn out of the bins and play with said yarn. Additionally, Tim has mentioned Fear of Moths in the past weeks, so all told, time to get my act together and clean up my stash.

So, I sorted it all by weight and color and fiber, put it in plastic bags, and lined it up in the hallway.

the corner
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And when the hallway got full (and frankly, when i was getting tired), I just sort of plopped it all in the doorway to the guest room.

So, I found out a lot of things...

1. I can make socks in four different colors of blue, four of red, and two of neutral, who knew?

2. I can make a lot of lace stuff.

3. I can probably make a couple cotton tanks for summer.

4. I have too much Cascade 220.

In fact, when I was putting everything away, it all fit except for all the cascade 220 (in this picture on the left hand side). My felting stash. I guess yarn in ziplocs has a bit more volume than yarn that isn't. So, next stop is to find a place for the felting yarn (and I have three stash bags under the bed, so don't ask about those).

The room is starting to look good though. And isn't that the important thing?

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julia fc said...

You can never have too much 220! It's the world's best felting yarn, and the yarn of choice for The Perfect Sweater. Hoard it. It may go away someday! Stashing in bags is a good thing, says the moth lady.