Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stitches Banquet

happy us
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Look at me (on the right, in my clappy) and Candace (on the left, in her beautiful tunic) partying wtih the knitting Bigwigs at the Student Banquet at Stitches West. Sitting next to Candace was Nancy Bush, wearing the Madli's Shawl from IK Summer 2004. I gushed. She was so nice. Anyway, the banquet. It was fun, although the MC (the editor of Knitter mag, Rick Mondragon) was incredibly obnoxious. We just won't go there. The banquet featured a student fashion show (which Candace modeled in) as well as...

door prize
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...prizes! Door prizes! Table prizes! Prizes!

I won a door prize, which was announced as a wool/hemp mix. Here it is...it is a minty green color which is pastel enough to be wearable. And imagine my surprise when I peeled back the label to find that it wasn't a hemp/wool mix but 100 cashmere. Yes. 100% cashmere. Score.

table prize
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And there were table prizes too...that is, a big bag was delivered to the table and everyone got a prize. I got the pattern for a teddy bear sweater (well, I swapped a Rowan intarsia pillow pattern with Candace). I like these colors, and can make a baby hat or something out of them. Prizes! Love prizes!

Anyway. Stitches. It was fun. Tomorrow I wind my booty (bounty?) and the fun begins. Yarn. Yum.

And there's more. I received a surprise package from Julia , one of my favorie bloggers in the knitting cyberuniverse. So I have that to show you soon. And. I ordered yarn for the Sunrise Circle Jacket. So that's here too...and I haven't even opened the elann box.

I'm drowning in yarn. I'm so happy!


Ling said...

Hi Kim. Glad you enjoyed Stitches. Wish I could be there too. I'm on a bit of a yarn diet at the moment, so I had fun vicariously enjoying your stash enhancement! Well done on the prizes!
Ps - I want to knit the Sunrise Circle Jacket too!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Clappy! Stitches looks like a lot of fun and love the yarn you bought.