Monday, February 20, 2006

Warning: Significant Stash Enhancement Ahead

la Lana!
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Oh. My. God. Stitches West. What a mindblowing (and wallet blowing) experience. Tim and I drove down to San Jose to stay with his sister Candace and her family over the weekend. Candace is an incredible knitter, and wanted me to come down so we could go to Stitches West in Santa Clara. Oh. My. God. It was something.

I'll do the Market today and the student dinner to start with, what an incredible group of vendors. Whatever you want, you can find. It wasn't like Black Sheep Gathering, where the Vendors have great deals. Instead, it is all the newest yarn as well as the hard to find yarn. Like this. Streakers by La Lana. There is a great pattern in the new IK so I splurged on the wool for it. I love it. It isn't quite the wool in the pattern, but Candace helped me pick it out and we like this color better.

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I didn't get a picture of this great lace weight yarn from Australia by a company called Wagtail....Candace and I both bought kid mohair from the booth, it is gorgeous. One of my favorite booths was of course the Socks That Rock booth, where I found some yarn requested by Tim (earthy green sock yarn). This has green, blue and grey tones and is beautiful.

beaded angora
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One of the things on my 'look for' list was beaded yarn with the beads already woven in. I found this from a small vendor called Angora Cottage, and this is a beautiful dark grey yarn with dark grey beads spun in. This is about 150 yards, and I'll probably use it on cuffs of some gloves. The people at this booth were sooo nice.

c and software
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Candace (on the left, in the beautiful sweater that of course she made) did some shopping too...she bought the software to help you make sweater patterns. Good thing, because she was all set to buy a pattern for the Squirrel Monkey sweater and the booth that was selling it was sold out. And they told her that she could find the pattern on their web site but she couldn't. Not good service, Interlacements. It is a good thing that the poor service happened after I bought....

tiny toes
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...tiny toes, from Interlacements. I've never used their yarn (honestly, they're just too expensive) but two skeins of this was somewhat reasonable...and they are in the natural green color that Tim is looking for.

But that's not all. Then was the student banquet. More yarn. More fun. More pics soon.

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