Friday, February 24, 2006

Why Julia Rocks

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Do you read Julia's blog? If you don't, you should take a look. This will give you an indication of Why Julia Rocks.

But specifically:
1. She is an awesome knitter, and I consider her a goddess of colorwork.
2. She is a terrific spinner.
3. She seems to have a terrific marriage, including a husband who gave her a drum carder for Christmas once.
4. The Boy. Adorable.
5. Re. The Boy, she designed and felted a pirate hat for him to wear for Thanksgiving.
6. She knows People with Livestock.
7. She is a published Author (the back of Spring IK) and because I noticed it (first) I got a present!

It's Knit Picks merino (this will be cabled something). It's Mountain Colors Bearfoot (and you know I love that). It is adorable stationary (stationery?) and myu favorite thing...a tape measure with puppies on it!

Julia. She Rocks. She Rocks Hard.

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