Sunday, March 26, 2006

Book DeStash

Spring cleaning time, and I turned my eye to the knitting book shelf. I found that I have numerous books for sale or trade (make me an offer!). Many are unused or just slightly used (gifts).

If you are interested in any of these leave a comment or email me at kbshee AT comcast DOT net substituting appropriate punctuation know the drill. I'll consider a trade for sock yarn or spinning fiber! Price does not include actual shipping calculated from zip code 97403.

Here are the books:

Ashford Book of Spinning: published 1986, an old library copy that I bought second hand
Price: $18

Vogue Knitting Accessorize
Price: $15 (retail $24.95)

Knitting for Dummies by Pam Allen
Price: $10 (retail: $21.95)

Slip Stitch Knitting by Roxana Bartless
Price: $12 (retail: $21.95)

Knit Wit: 30 Easy and Hip Projects by Amy Singer
Price: $10 (retail $19.95)

After Dark: Uncommon KNits for Night Time by Jil Eaton
Price: $12 (retail $21.95)

Stitch 'n' Bitch by Debbie Stoller
Price: $6 (retail $13.95)

25 bags to Knit by Emma King
Price: $12 (retail $29.95)

Hip to Knit by Judith Swartz
Price: $9 (retail $18.95)

Hip Knits: 65 easy projects from hot designers by BHG.
Price: $8 (Retail: $19.95) (personal notations on several pages, ie very used)

thanks for looking!


Ling said...

Hi Kim. Just wondering if you would post to the UK, if so,I'd be interested in the SnB and Vogue Knitting accessories. Wish I could part with my books! I'm still in the acquistion mode.

Ling said...

Hi Thanks for getting back to me. My post code is London, W4 2NL. Also, would I pay by paypal?