Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Everybody in the Pool!

ll socks
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The Lornas Laces Pool, that is.

So I finished my first pair of socks with LL. Notice anything? Yes, a lot of pooling. It is too bad because the stripes are quite cool, but the pooling is a bit much. I have more LL for a pair of socks for Tim, if they pool as much then I think I'm done with LL.

My STR sock club binder came with instructions on how to minimize pooling (knit with different ends of the ball of yarn every other row) but that seems like so much WORK. Complaining is much easier.

Finished the Beatles book. Guess what? They broke up. Oh no, did I ruin the surprise for you?


Unknown said...

...and the Titanic sunk!

Knitopia said...

Oh, no! That is a lot of pooling. The one pair of LL socks I've completed turned out OK, and the second pair is going well so far, but I know pooling's a possibility.

Larjmarj said...

Well, I don't's like I always tell Mr. Larj, asymetrical is good. I think they look cool. Marj

Elspeth said...

I'm sure the reason Blue Moon Fiber Arts would tell you how to deal with pooling is that their yarn pools so badly! Maybe they should dye it better (or wind it better) so we didn't have to do all that work!

Teyani said...

Pooling is such a pain.. good thing that they are pretty anyway :-) Somebody told me that some of the Lorna's Laces pool and others don't. I haven't tried much of their yarn yet..
I agree that the STR instructions seem like a bit too much work for socks.. sigh.. I'll be interested to see how your socks turn out with their yarn!