Monday, March 20, 2006

Meet the Beatles

I'm reading the big Beatles biography (I want to say it is by Mark Spitz but I know that can't be it Bob Spitz?). It's like a thousand pages long. Yes, it has everything you want to know. And more. Oh, so much much much much much much more.

But it is written pretty well, even if it does include excrutiating amounts of minutae and ephemera.

Anyway. I am probably on page 300 or so and RINGO IS NOT EVEN IN THE GROUP. He is bouncing around playing drums for other bands in Liverpool, but he is not yet a Beatle.

Much of it I"m reading closely, but I must admit to skimming (during Brian Epstein parts, during some but not all George Martin parts). Paul's first serious girlfriend was named Dot. In case you were wondering.

Anyway, it got me thinking....did you ever watch the Beatles cartoons that were on during the (what) late 60s? They all wore their little Beatle suits and John's voice was done with a very posh BBC accent. My favorite, though, was Ringo, who had one line for the whole cartoon: "uh huh, yea". Done in a very liverpudlian accent (confirmed when I was in Liverpool 20 years ago). Which is not a great image to have in mind when you're reading what should be an Important Book about the Beatles.

Uh huh. Yea.

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