Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mini Lace Rant

Ok, I totally get the idea of yo's and ssk's and k2tog's and even sk2togpsso's.

Here's what I don't get:
One (me) is instructed to co 16, pm, co 10, pm, co10, pm (repeat the co 10 pjm a few times), co 9.

Note: I totally get that there's a 10 stitch repeat in the middle with some sorta different stuff on the sides.

But then, around row 9, you get an extra stitch in the '16 stitch' pattern and then there's only 8 in the '9 stitch' pattern.

And so, you basically (yes) have to either move the stitch markers or knit 2 together with a stitch on either side of the stitch marker, which is basically moving the stitch marker anyways.

It's confusing. It makes my head hurt. And it annoys me I didn't figure this out til about row 25.


Anonymous said...

I've had this problem too and read somewhere (can't remember where unfortunately) that it sometimes matters how you are making your increases??? Like a M1 rather than a kfb? I haven't played around to see if this is true. Did the pattern specify which increase to use?

Teyani said...

ooohhh - my head hurts too, just trying to imagine it.. sounds like its a shawl in the making.. and worse yet - sounds like bad directions. bleh - pooey.
Is this one you're making for you this time?

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