Thursday, March 02, 2006

Only Two Weeks Left

Only two weeks left in the Winter term...and I finally feel like I have room to breathe and to catch up on life. It feels good. I'm a much better person when I'm not under stress, when I get some sleep, and when I feel I have a bit of control over my life. I'm out of energy, though, for teaching, especially for teaching the big class of 120 babies (oops, meant College Seniors). I even resorted to showing an hour long video tape (after which, I must admit, we had a pretty good discussion for 20 minutes).

Thanks for the comments on my knitting! The Branching Out was knit from Alpaca Brush from mom sent me some for Christmas, and it works up nicely. I finished the body of the Streakers Shrug last is such a pleasure to knit with the yarn I didn't want to stop! I still have to do the lace cuffs on the sleeves and seam it (ugh). I hate seaming. I like the shrug so much, though, that I'm committing myself to doing a good job with the seaming. That's really something for me. So we'll see.

So. I MAY begin Madli's shawl (or I may start another Aran Afghan Square). Probably the latter.


Anonymous said...

madli's shawl and the streaker shrug are both on my "to-knit" list. can't wait to see how your's turn out since i'm sure you'll finish YEARS before i do!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your precious pooch!