Saturday, March 04, 2006

Shrugging it Off

streakers shrug
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Or on. Or whatever.

Anyway..I'm so excited, I finished the Streakers Shrug from the new IK (in somewhat record time, I must say) and I even SEAMED IT and it DOESN"T LOOK HORRIBLE. In fact, Tim even commented on how good the seams look. This, in spite of the fact that the piece curves.

I'm inordinantly pleased with this (and honestly, I don't even know what inordinantly means). I couldn't wait to take a picture and resorted to the mirror-in-the-bathroom pose. That's how excited I am!

The fact that I didn't totally muck up the seaming makes me pretty happy. Did you notice?


Alyssa said...

Very cute! Love the sleeves and the seaming looks great:)

chittavrtti said...

inordinate; without number or measure. You are immeasurably pleased :)***CV

Christin said...

I've been thinking about making it and found your blog while doing a search on the shrug.

The shrug looks great! Very inspirational!

Irie said...

Cute!! good work :)

Anonymous said...

Your shrug looks great!! I tried it in the small size and it was waaaay too small...I am redoing it in the larger size..waiting on my streakers yarn to arrive!! Did you use the 10.5 needles? email me at
Thanks! And it looks awesome!! I am inspired!