Sunday, March 19, 2006

So Many Projects...

Purple Tank
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There is so much I want to knit right now, and am having a hard time keeping the numbers of WIPs down to a manageable level. I hope to get a lot of good knittin' done during the next week of break (that is, once I finish grading).

I have been going through all my old magazines, pulling out pattern/ideas I like, and tossing the rest. One idea was a sideways tank with a cable that goes across the top of the tank...very cute. (Well, the actual pattern had cables going all the way across, not so cute on me). So I adapted the pattern for yarn I had on hand...Mission Falls cotton in a fun purple color. Look closely, you can see the cable pattern near the top.

Another Square
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And onward with the Aran Afghan. I should have this finished by the end of the summer. This square is the one with the church (which I will change into a house with a smokestack). The Gingham-ish look is sort of cool looking.

LL #2
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And this will sound like knitting heresy, but I don't really like Lorna's Laces sock yarn. It is a bit flimsy for me...I like a sock with a bit more structure.

And know, I don't have elfin toes, somehow this one just ended up extra pointy. And yes, I do realize it looks a bit phallic in this picture. Not intended, honestly.

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yarnahoy said...

LOVE the color of the purple tank!