Monday, March 13, 2006


mandarin blouse
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
Behold, the Mandarin Blouse.

It looks so innocent, yet LOOKS BETRAY! The blouse is the blouse of Satan.

So I exaggerate. It has been a bit frustrating to work on this blouse. Ribbon yarn (Berroco Zen) is not forgiving. Oh no. Not at all.

And the doggone yarn is slippery. Slippery like an eel. Like a fox. Like a pissed-on pig (I found that on google while searching for 'slipperly like'. Like a fish. Like a slug. YOu get the idea.

It is so slippery the stitches on the stitch holder for the neck band just slipped right off the stitch holder, and were having a little party for a while, until I caught them.

So I have to go get them whipped into shape now. Which won't be easy. Because they're slippery. Slippery like.....


Stephanie said...

I hear you. I made one little tank top for my daughter out of ribbon yarn & one sweater. That's the sum total of the ribbion yarn I ever want to deal with in my knitting life. Ever.

DecemberFlower said...

I'm not a fan of ribbon either. In fact, the only project I ever used ribbon in is still on the needles somewhere. I think I started it sometime last February. >_>

Were you satisfied with the Berrocco Zen for this top, or would you recommend I substitute something else?