Thursday, April 06, 2006

Miles and miles of garter stitch

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OK. I exaggerate.

But here is what I've been working on: a garter stitch shawl made out of two heavenly Fleece Artist yarns. It is knit long ways...135 stitches on size 13 needles. I cast on for the drive to Reno,and worked on it maybe 4 hours on the way down and 2 1/12 hours on the way back. I've also cranked on this several more hours since we've been back, and I think I'm almost done. It feels great. I think this will be a good cover up for spring in Oregon.

But honestly. Ten hours plus of garter stitch. I should get a placque.

I've done a bit more on the lace and a bit more on the tank, and a bit more on the socks. But mostly, it's me in the Land of Garter.


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