Monday, April 17, 2006

My Aunt

This is a totally knitting free post, sorry.

I spoke yesterday with my Aunt Mary Jane, who is 84 and lives in St. Louis. She is my mom's brother's widow, and we joined the family at the same time: I was born in 1958 and she married my Uncle Joe in 1960. She has always been very special to me, and yesterday's phone chat confirmed why.

After a few minutes of general chit chat, she says "I have a new gentleman friend." OK, how adorable is that...first, that she has a gentleman friend and second, that she refers to him as such. He's a widower, and she and my Uncle were friends with he and his wife. Right now, she and the widower share a cleaning lady; when Mary Jane found this out, she asked the cleaning lady to say hello to Dr. "G" and the cleaning lady did, Dr. G called, and now Mary Jane has a gentleman friend.

And the most charming thing, to me, is that he is taking her out for INDIAN FOOD this week! My Aunt, whose idea of adventurous is probably marinara sauce, is off to have Indian Good with her Gentleman friend. So cute.

And then, at the end of April, she's being the matron of honor in her niece's wedding.

She gives me hope that getting old is not about getting sick and crazy. It's about embracing life. She's great.


Stephanie said...

That IS great! I love that spirit of not giving up just because you are older.

gail said...

How great is that!!?? I love your aunt. Perhaps we will have the same spirit and love when we are that age. I'll keep the cleaning lady connection in mind.....

Anonymous said...

I admire people who are up for an adventure no matter thier age. Your aunt rocks!

Hope she likes the Indian food, do let us know.