Sunday, April 09, 2006

So pretty...

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but I guess that's just my opinion.

It is the fleece artist shawl...made with some mohair boucle and some other is so soft and cozy, I really like it. All garter stitch, a nice length and width. I wanted light colors so I could wear it on cool spring and summer nights. I think it will do the trick.

In other activities: we rented Brokeback Mountain and watched that last night...really a good but very sad movie. I finished "Bait and Switch" by Barbara Ehrenreich (I'm sure her last name is spelled wrong). She also wrote "Nickle and Dimed in America" about what it was like to live on a minimum wage job. This book was about what it is like to find a job as a professional. Very interesting, and frightening too (makes me glad of tenure).


Alyssa said...

I watched Brokeback Mountain last night too - what a gentle and moving story.
Oh, and the shawl is lovely!

Ling said...

Gorgeous shawl. I'm sure you are glad to be finished with the miles of garter stitch.
BTW- the books arrived. Thanks very much. Tell your hubby he's a talented man - I love the little surprise included!