Monday, May 08, 2006

25 more rows!

cotton fleece
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I have to knit about 25 more rows and the Sunrise circle jacket will be done (well, except for the putting together of it). The second front/sleeve portion went very fast...very fast....but then I did spend a lot of time reading and knitting this weekend, so maybe not as fast as I would like.

Next up: the Green Gable tshirt made out of this vanilla-ish color of cotton fleece. Once you get past the 'lacey' top portion, this should be pretty straightforward 'knit while you read' knitting.

So what did I read? Nothing exceptional, but both books sort of fun. One was a book called "The Booster" about a NYC professional who gets fired from her job and then joins a gang of professional shoplifters. The second (and better) book was called "The Understudy", about a british actor who is understudy-ing the 'it' boy, and chaos ensues. It was very funny and well written.

Now I'm reading "Crocodile on the Sandbank" which is a mystery, and sort of cutesie, but entertaining.

Can you tell it rained yesterday?

Oh,and I turned the heel on the first Jaywalker. I have a four hour car trip tomorrow (up to Portland and back for a thingee) and a 2 hour long faculty meeting on Friday, so I think jaywalker will be done this week too).

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