Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Heart Linen Stitch

linen stitch cuff
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When the newest STR kit came out, I was a bit disappointed...I didn't really like the yarn, and I didn't really like the pattern. But I remember feeling the same way about the first socks...and I loved that pattern once I started into it...so I decided to give it a try.

The cuff is knit in Linen Stitch and I LOVE IT! This is my favorite knitting stitch of all time. ALL TIME. It ends up looking a bit like a woven fabric. Anyway, the cuff has buttons on it and the sock is worked form the bottom of the cuff. I know. Buttons. On socks. Who does that? But these socks are so, so much fun to knit. Even though I swore I'd never knit a sock top down again. Who knew?

Anyway, linen stitch. Here is the pattern (over an even number of stitches)

Row 1 (RS): Sl 1 wyf, *p1 sl 1 wyb* repeat til last stitch, p1
Row 2 (WS), Sl 1 wyb, *k1, sl 1 wyf* repeat til last stitch, k1

It is so pretty. Really. Trust me.

At Stitches, I bought this grey yarn with beads already in it. Now I think I'm going to make an evening bag with linen stitch, as long as I can work it so the beads end up in the front. Which I think I can. It will look so good.

And Placemats! I can hardly wait to do some placemats! I smell Christmas gifts.

Anyway. Linen Stitch. It's a good thing.


Stephanie said...

I agree - it looks great!

Sachi said...

Ooo yay! I wasn't thrilled with the yarn either. I'm into much more masculine colors. But, like you, I figured I'd give it a try because you just never know. Now I'm super excited!

Alyssa said...

That's looking really pretty. What a great idea to make placemats using the linen stitch!

gail said...

Hmmm, your comments made me glad I didn't shell out the $$ for the STR club. I'm trying to stay on a yarn diet--since I have enough yarn in my stash to last until I'm 93. And, I have an entire large Rubbermaid container full of sock yarn!!! But, oh, it's so hard. Your linen stitch socks and the beautiful springtime yarn made me with I had joined.

Anonymous said...

I like how it looks, but it's not really my colors. What is the STR club? Where is Stitches? Is it online? I feel so out of the loop. :(

Bogie said...

What didn't you like about the yarn? The colorway or the yarn itself? Or maybe both? Just wondering.

Larjmarj said...

Really cool stitch and I love the way the color waves.