Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Now We Run"

The season finale of Prison Break was last night...this show is such a guilty pleasure. The plot is created entirely of coincidences woven within impossibilities, and last night was no exception. It ends with the convicts that aren't insane, bleeding profusely, dead or abandoned for being stool pigeons running across an airfield followed in hot pursuit by the entire law enforcement capacity of Illinois. But you know they'll get out of it.

I frogged a large portion of my jaywalker sock last night...I just can't get the little holes at the heel turn to disappear. So I'll try again. My Mission Falls tank is now blocked and drying out in the garage, and I need to finish that. It is a bit big but hopefully it will shrink a bit (does Mission Falls shrink?).

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Anonymous said...

To get rid of the holes at the heel turn you might want to pick up the running thread between the offending stitches, give it a half twist, put it on the left hand needle and knit it (or knit through the back loop of the picked up stitch). On the next row k2tog to get rid of the extra stitch. No more pesky hole!!