Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Post Birthday Post

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So as I mentioned, I cast on for this tank from the Mission Falls Cotton "Simple" book. The tank is a cable and a lace pattern, so I"m going to put my lace shawl on hold and work on this for a while. I am jonesin' for some cotton tops, now that summer is here. This one has a matching bolero that I'm going to make in my rescued purple yarn.

Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes. Usually I'm a bit of a birthday curmudgeon, so it was terrific to have a REALLY GOOD birthday this year. We had a great day on Sunday: Steve, Jen and Evan came by with beautiful flowers (bad picture below), Tim and I took the dogs for a good long walk at the Arboretum, and Tim made me one of my favorite dinners (Pot Stickers) (Yum).

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Here is a bad picture of the beautiful flowers from Steve and Jen and Evan. the colors are pinks and purples and a few sparks of bright red so clearly this picture doesn't do them justice. Evan was in a great mood, and continues his obsession with ceiling fans. Now we know what to get him for his first birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday!


Speaking of yummy, oh sweet Mission Falls. I really want to buy The Spirit book. I love all the wraps in there. Where did you get your book?