Friday, May 26, 2006

A Week of FOs

green gable
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Yes, another FO to show you today, the Green Gable top. If you look closely, though, you'll notice that this really isn't finished....the sleeves are still on Denise cords because I hadn't finished the sleeve ribbing when I took this picture. But, they're done now, and all I need to do is weave in some ends and I'm done.

I loved this pattern. I love top down (this is the first top down sweater I've made). I feel like I could make a nice sweater now from any yarn, given the straightforwardness of the top down method. The yarn was (is) Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a neutral color (it looks a bit yellowy in this picture) which worked up well. I made the top in size large, and it took 3 hanks of the yarn, not the four it said in the pattern (nor the 5 I purchased since I was going to make the XL until Alyssa talked me out of it). But I think the shop said they'll take back the two extra skeins, and I might just buy a skein more and make a striped top anyway. We'll see.

So, what next, what next. I want to make another cotton top out of Sally Melville's the knit stitch...the one with buttons on both sides (sensing a finishing theme here?). Then I have yarn to make a lacey pattern from Elann. I might make a sweater from an old issue of IK with some yarn that Ihave in the stash (Fleece Artist).

I'll keep you posted.

And yes, that's a little cat head in the lower right hand corner of the picture. I'll have to train her to take pictures some day.


Alyssa said...

Looks great! I'm definitely going to frog my XL and do the L. (I love the kitty head shot - it's amazing how they pop up the second a camera is out)

Larjmarj said...

Very cute sweater. I like the detailing at the neckline. Marj

gail said...

You've been making yourself a great summer wardrobe of short sleeve tops. I also like the Green Gable and it looks good on you/you look good in it!