Sunday, May 14, 2006


fhf fiber
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Another summer-like weekend, with lots of fun and fiber and things like that. Yesterday we started the day with a visit to Keith Standhart's studio....he is this incredible potter whose work we've admired for quite a while. We bought a small piece that Tim will use for his cacti. Then out to Fox Hollow Farm, which held a farm and fiber open house. We visited with the sheep and the alpaca, and I shopped. Of course! This roving is romney/corriedale mix, in pinks and golds and greys.

fhf yarn
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I also bought this handpainted yarn that will be a shawl or scarf...nice fall colors which will be when I get around to working it up. Today we went rollerblading and now I'm hanging out in the backyard enjoying the shade.

I've been reading 'The Secret Supper", a historical novel in the Da Vinci code vein about symbols and signs implanted in The Last Supper. Gotta love that Leonardol, what a card.

Four weeks of class and then finals week, and then freedom. I can't wait!


gail said...

Congrats on the sun! Here in Wisconsin we have rain, rain, cold, wind and more rain. Not as bad at New England (thank god) but pretty miserable. Enjoy your sunshine and warmth, I know that Portland sometimes has a lot of clouds.

Anonymous said...

Getting new fleece is so exciting. Maybe once university is done we can get together and share fleece experiences.