Thursday, July 06, 2006

Before and After

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I felted this bag yesterday...I haven't felted for a long time, and I forgot how fun it is (not to mention the wonderful eau de wet sheep that pervades the house post-felting). Anyway.

This bag is called the 'knitting around' bag or something like that (if you want the details, leave a comment and I'll go dig up the pattern). Here is how it works. You knit the circle at one end, starting in the center (ie increases out), then you knit the body of the bag, then you knit the other end as a decreasing circle. So you end up wtih (for lack of a better world) a bolster with no way in (until after you felt it). I put the straps on before I felted even though those weren't the instructions. Anyway, you can see that the bag pre-felted was about the size of a coffee table.

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And here is the 'after' picture, post-felting in our front loader for about an hour and a half (aren't front loaders fun?). The finished dimensions are 12 inches across and 24 inches in circumfrence (sp? that's around the circle, yes?) (Tim is grimacing now if he is reading this). (So is Steve). I cut an opening in the bag from the end of one black stripe in the center to another, and I think it needs to be a bit bigger. I had knit on a loop closure and I'll use a felted button from my stash to finish it off.

I'm pleased with how this turned out. The 'cutting' was scary (with our cat Stella as my witness,I will NEVER steek) and I put the straps on wrong but luckily they were way to long and needed shortening anyway. All in all, a success (imho).

The bag took two hanks of Cascade 220 in Red and one in Black with almost no left over. From my stash (yay on using up stash).


sheep#100 said...

That's a really cool pattern.

Alyssa said...

Neat bag! Felting is so magical:)

Sara M said...

thas coooool. steeking isn't too bad. seriously (tries to keep a straight face).

Anonymous said...

Grimace averted. You made me laugh.

# said...
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Anonymous said...

I've had that pattern and some yarn for it marinading in my stash for a while... I might have to think about pulling it out now!