Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Cast on 230 stitches"...

lb #1
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Honestly, you'd think I'd know better when those are among the first instructions in the pattern.

This is the Lotus Blossom Tank from Summer '06 Interweave Knits (it is the tank on the cover of the magazine). Well, it's 3/4 of the bottom lace part...which I thought I was just about done with until I re-read the pattern and found out I needed to do 4 repeats of the 16-row pattern instead of 3). I knew then that I needed to take a little break from this pattern. I like it, but, you know, 230 stitches per row.

And it's not an even 10 stitch repeat. Oh now, some rows you knit 1 and then start the repeat, some rows you knit 2, some rows 0. So markers aren't going to help. To make sure I don't get too lost (the voice of experience of someone who's always frogged the heck out of it) I use a straightened-out paper clip to mark the start of every 10 stitch repeat. Then,once I know I have all 10 stitches present and accounted for, I move the paperclip to mark the start of the next 10 stitches.

This comes in handing since did I mention? There are 230 stitches on every row? And sometimes life does interfere, right in the middle of the row!

In addition to my upscale stitchmarker tool, I"m using the new Knit Pick Options needles. Love these. They feel just like addis to me at less than half the price. I did have a little unscrewing problem but that was my own fault for not using the tightening tool.

I'm off to visit some family for a couple of days and the tank is staying here. I think I'll be in a better mood when we're reunited.


Anonymous said...

You are very brave! I love this top, but don't have the confidence to try it yet. You've chosen a beautiful color and it sounds like you've developed a good system to deal with the enormous amount of stitches. Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

230 sts is alot! The results will be gorgeous with that lace pattern and rich colorway.
(I once did an Alice Starmore pattern that called for 196 st on both the front and back, size 3 needles, lots of different cable patterns with different row repeats and tunic length. What was I thinking???)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you've gotten this far already! I have nothing like this to show in the week that I saw you just beginning this. I can't believe this. Enjoy your trip to the sunnier parts of the US. :)

Anonymous said...

I often thought about knitting this top, but haven't found the courage yet to try my hands at it - great thing that you did! It's certainly a very challenging project, but I know you're going to make the perfect top - it's already coming along so nicely!

Alliesw said...

I know what yuo mean about ignoring the warning of the cast on! But your knitting looks beautiful, so I hope you do come back to it! And I love your sock heels!