Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fie on thee, Turkish Heel

mermaid socks
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I love these mermaid socks...they're from Lucy Neatby's book "Cool Socks Warm Feet" made in some opal yarn I bought from elann and I now I can't remember what kind it is. I like this pattern a lot, and these make nice summer socks because they're a wee bit lacey.

I did thse with a turkish heel, that I just don't like the looks of. I've done these before and I think I remember them sort of stretching out and looking like normal after a bit. However, right now it just sort of looks like Madonna's Pointy Bra in the heel of the sock.

I haven't blocked or washed yet, so the cute little toe should look just fine once I do that.

*Smart Shopper Alert*. About a week ago I was at our local Ben Franklin (it is my favorite LYS, they have no attitude and nice yarn) and noted that two colors of CP Kid Merino were on sale: Regular price $5.99, sale price $4.49. I bought two balls of black. I was back there a few days ago and the price was lowered to $2 a ball. So I bought three more balls of black and 5 balls of lavender.

Now what to do with them?

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Ling said...

Love the mermaid socks. Gorgeous!!

Hope your bad knitting karma is improving. I'm similarly struggling with the Lotus Blossom Tank. I'm now up to row 15 having had to rip back twice. Very frustrating.