Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's just not that great

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I finished the Lotus Blossom Tank and did the seaming and the finishing today. I'd show you a picture of me wearing it but it's just not that great. I'm not really disappointed...because it isn't like I CAN'T wear it,...I'm just not that crazy about it.

Reasons why.

1. Even though I got gauge, it is a bit big. I even made the 39" size which should be snug on me, and this is nothing even remotely close to snug.

2. Because the top was so loose, i ended up doing 4 rows of garter stitch as a border and decreasing some stitches to make the top part fit together.

3. Because the armholes were so loose, I ended up doing some decreases in the garter stitch rows around the armholes to tighten them up.

4. Due to 2+3, the end result is a bit 'puffy' and says 'Holly Hobby" more than 'sophisticated asian inspired pattern".

I haven't blocked it with the edging yet, so maybe that will help. The colors are pretty. I don't hate it. I'm just not that crazy about it.

Moving on.

Smiley's Yarn is having an online sale of some of my favorite discontinued yarn...Cotton Ease! Cotton Ease! $1.99 a ball. Run over there and buy you some. I love this yarn. I bought 28 balls (14 of blue, 14 of red) because, well, $2 a ball. And it's discontinued! Worse case scenario I can sell it on ebay...some of it goes for $5 a ball there.


LisaB said...

Your tank is so pretty - too bad it doesn't fit well. I just had a snafoo with the Wedgewood Blouse being horribly big. So frustrating!

Sheila E said...

It's cute as can be. Wish it fit me!!

sarah / knot another hat said...

Wow. Same exact thing happened to me. Crazy. (Well, I didn't exactly choose the right size - you can read about it if you like - but same exact results and feelings about it. :)