Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nothing says the Fourth of July...

Christopher Robin
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...like an alpaca.

Meet Christopher Robin, a suri alpaca that lives at Starlight Alpacas that we met at the Alpaca show (held the same weekend as BSG). I love suris (OK, I love huacayas too but I just love suris a bit more). The owner let me sneak into the pen and pet Christopher Robin, who could not have cared a bit about my visit. Oh well. I was still quite smitten with him.

We're having a mellow fourth: we worked outside a bit (Tim's still out there), watched the World Cup Semi (I'm a cursed fan, rooting for both England last Saturday and Germany today) and knit (OK, I did, not Tim). Cody gets freaked out on the 4th because of the fireworks, so we tend to stay close to home.

I almost finished the felted bag (not felted yet) and the evening bag I've been working on, so I'll have bag pics to show in the next day or so.

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Ling said...

Hi Kim
The Basalt Tank is from Knitting Nature. There are errors in the pattern as I'm discovering.

I'm not really an animal person, alpacas would frighten me!!!