Sunday, July 30, 2006

Now for something a little different

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We went to the Coburg Quilt Show on Saturday...about 200 recently made quilts hanging in the park in the middle of little Coburg, a bunch of antique quilts at the Grange hall, and an exhibit of 'art' quilts at the Town Hall. I used to quilt, so I can appreciate the effort that goes into quilting. And some of the quilts are breathtaking.

On the other hand, there were several quilts that used fabric printed with whimsical kittens or barnyard animals that just seem to be the Red Heart of quilting. And while I'm sure the first quilt made out of old t-shirts was charming, the 35th or so is not so much. And while I'm ranting (what is in me?) I can see why a quilt made of photos of all your grandchildren printed on fabric can be extremely valuable and precious to the owner, but I can't see why it should be shown in a quilt show.

But that's just me. And if I've insulted any quilters I deeply apologize.

Maybe I'm testy because after the quilt show we went to a few 'Tour of Homes' homes in the area. TheTour of Homes is sponsored by the Homebuilders Association and the ones were visited were priced in the $1.5 - $2 million range. The homes were beautiful, but the size and excess was depressing to me. The $2mil home had an atrium living room on the first floor and a family room with wet bar on the second floor. And a home theatre. And a billiards room. And a playroom. And a workout room. And an office. And four bedrooms. But it didn't have a real dining had a dining room TABLE pretty much almost in the entry way of the house.

And it had a swimming pool surrounded by SAND which had started to wash into the pool. And a fountain. And a hot tub. And a play area also surrounded by sand (in case the kids got bored in the playroom). It was just too much.

Maybe in the same way the constant parade of quilts made with adorable kitten fabrics were too much.

To get this out of our systems, we took a hike up Spencer's Butte. This is a local hike which winds for about a mile up a nice trail ending with a half mile scramble up a bunch of rocks to get the top. I always get a keen sense of accomplishment when I get to the top, until I see the other people who join us at the top: people who have carried their kids up on baby backpacks, older ladies in sandals with handbags, girls in skirts, etc. Not exactly your tough hike crowd. Oh well. We had fun, and the view was beautiful---we felt we could almost touch the clouds.


Anonymous said...

My mom quilts but thankfully kittens and teddy bears haven't made an appearance yet!

Besides I brought her over to the dark fiber side and she is now knitting up a storm.

jenknits said...

I love that leaf quilt you pictured. Just gorgeous. And I know what you mean about the excess inherent in those large homes. Did they have 4 Hummers parked in the garage, too?