Monday, July 03, 2006

Rock & Weave Revisited

r&w w/ buttons
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Here are the Rock and Weaves with the new buttons that I bought last week at the BSG (from Sheila and Michael . Quite beautiful. The buttons themselves are a light peach color but they really pick up all the colors of the yarn.

r&w cu
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Here they are up close. I may submit these to the Lane County Fair since they are so beautiful (imho), although the decrease on the gusset is a bit loosey goosey.

OK, so I don't so feel so bad about my WIP count. In fact, Ling dear, I'm going to swatch for the Lotus Blossom tank today so I guess you'll have yet another WIP!

And I decided to knit the Icarus shawl with the Blue Faced Leicester from Fleece Artist that I've had for a year. Jodie mentioned she might start this one so I'll have a knitting buddy for that project too.

In other news: we took a mini road trip in the miata yesterday. Some people cruise to wineries, some to the beach, we cruised to the Del Taco in Albany. Love the Del Taco. We don't have one in Eugene and Tim discovered it on his last trip to California. We drove up I5 and back on the backroads and passed through lots of really really small Oregon towns. It was fun. And, well, we had Del Taco.


Sachi said...

Oooo! I LOVE your buttons! Fantastic choice!

Ling said...

I'm on for the Lotus Blossom tank. The yarn is being ordered and I guess I'll have another WIP!!!

Gorgeous socks by the way.

Anonymous said...

Your post has me drooling on my keyboard! Gorgeous socks and delish Del Taco.....yum!

I love the chicken soft taco and those buttons are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog and am smitten with your socks! Beautiful colors and the buttons are too cute.

Sheila E said...

Hi Kim, I'm finally checking back in to your blog...and imagine my surprize when I saw that your socks are all finished and with the buttons that you bought at BS. The socks are fantastic!! I will keep my fingers crossed that they win at the Lane County Fair!! Keep me posted.
Ahh, another Del Taco Fan!!