Thursday, July 20, 2006

Spinning Round

rpm #1
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
These socks are hard to photograph.

Or should I say sock? Since I've only done one?

Anyway, rpm sock #1 from the Knitty pattern. I used the STR lightweight instead of medium weight, and size 0 needles (and I BENT one of them! Addis! Who knew?). I cast on 54 stitches and they are a bit big at the top.

Because I forgot the ribbing at the top. Oh well. Live and learn.

But the spirals are very fun. In fact, Tim mentioned that the pattern would look terrific on gloves or mittens. The question is: can I bear to give up a skein of STR for mittens? :-) I do have a skein of Ruby Slippers in medium weight, which seems to be a workhorse for STR and they would probably make more, so maybe I'll use that.

I've got a baaaaaaad case of startitis. I'll blame it on the weather: we are scheduled to have a bunch of 95+ days and so I want lots of little things to knit. I cast on for one of the FINAL aran afghan squares (I've missed doing cables, believe it or not). The Lotus BLossom Tank has moved into the 'mindless' zone: I've finished the lace and now I'm working on the stockinette top of the body. I ahve this sock #2 to do, as well as my lace shawl, and the felted beret that is on the needles. And I want to start more socks, since, well, it's summer, and summer is time for knitting socks.


Anonymous said...

Looks great! I know the startitis feeling. I've been able to put mine under control for now, but I'm not sure how long that will last.

Alyssa said...

That is one rockin' sock - I love the colors. I think summer is the best time for sock knitting too:)

Sara M said...

I bent one of my addi sets, (sigh) they still work tho :) the sock looks great!