Saturday, July 01, 2006

WIP Danger

I'm coming dangerously close to having (in my opinion) too many WIPs.

Here is my WIP philosophy. I need:

1. the 'mindless wip': something to knit when I'm reading. This must be primarily a knit stitch, and if it is in the round even better. In a perfect world, this is something that will be felted since it can be a bit sloppy if the book is good.
2. the 'tv' wip: not as purely mindless as the mindless wip but something with a memorizable pattern repeat. This can be a cable pattern with a chart but not a big chart. can also be knit in the car if the mindless wip is too big to tote along.
3. the 'concentration' wip: a challenging knit that demands quite a bit of attention (although something like a football game on tv or, say, 'What Not to Wear" could be one). For me, this category includes lace and cable patterns with big charts.

So that said, i should be fine with three WIPs to cover every situation in my day. But no. The 'x' factor is the love of starting projects and casting on. At this point, I'm itching to cast on more projects! Here is my inventory:

Mindless wip: a felted bag
TV wip: I currently have two: I designed (and I use the word very loosely) a linen stitch evening bag using angora with beads from SW, and mermaid socks.
Concentration wip: a lace shawl that I've just picked up again (it has a pretentious name that i'm too lazy to look up).

So I have four. And I am itching to cast on for the Lotus Blossum Tank (a concentration wip).And I've hoarded enough Cotton Ease for a cotton ease cardigan (top down, single row stripes, sort of designed by me) that would be a mindless wip.

The problem with too many WIPs, as you know, is that it takes so long to turn them into FOs.
Especially the concentration wips.

so that's my dilemma. New projects are like little diamonds just out of my reach, sparkling and seductive. I. Must. Be. Strong.

Or not.

So. I finished "the Stolen Child" which was interesting to read. Not my favorite fairy book of all time (and THAT would be Jonathan Strange, just so you know). I started "The Templar Legacy" which is another DaVinci Code wannabe, that is actually pretty good. More cathars! Hooray!

How many wips do you have going? And am I insane to think about it this much?

Rabbit rabbit!


Ling said...

Hi Kim
I don't think 4 WIPs are too much, butu then again mine run into double figures and go back years!!!

Ooohh, I might cast on for the Lotus Blossom top when you do as well. It's been on my to knit list.

Anonymous said...

i dont think that i want to even go there with my wip's. i keep getting distracted with new ones!

Sachi said...

Oh lordy. Let's see...
1. Zip-up hoodie (cables and something similar to saxon cables)
2. 4 pairs of socks. Two are in a mindless stage.
3. Lace edged T. Currently in a mindless stage.
4. Capotis scarf. Haven't picked it up for about 2 weeks but will now that the second pair of socks is in a mindless stage.
5. Candle-flame lace shawl. About 12" in.

Someone stop me before I hurt myself.

Sheila E said...

Hi Kim...I have been busy spinning up some roving that I got at BSG. It's baby alpaca and I have BIG plans to make it into a shawl for my step-daughter Rebecca.....ahem!!
Meanwhile on July 5th (the day the clone sheep was born) a group of us are going to cast on for Sivia Harding's Diamond Fantasy Shawl.
I must admit I jumped ahead and started it yesterday...but then I really messed up and I am going to have to dump this one and start over...that's what I get. So I will just spin the baby alpaca until the 5th and cast on. This is my first real attempt at lace knitting and I am a bit done up about it. Wish me luck.
The socks you made are awesome. It's good that you forgot before. She will enjoy them even more.

Anonymous said...

I have one mindless wip, three tv wips and no concentration wips. That means I get to cast on at least one more project for my concentration wip. Yeah!! Maybe I'll start a lace shawl out of Karabella.
BTW I recently finished The Templar Legacy and really enjoyed it.

Val said...

WIPs.... Let's see....
1. Lace shawl (tv knitting)
2. Broadripple sock (tv knitting)
3. Narrow Kiogu scarf (tv knitting)
4. Narrow ripple Lion & Lamb scarf (tv knitting).
It appears all my stuff is tv knitting!