Sunday, July 09, 2006

You know those Buzz Off shirts?

The ones that have some type of bug repellant woven in to the fabric?

Well, don't waste your money. I wore my Buzz Off shirt on a hike yesterday and, simply put, it did not work. We did the Diamond Falls hike (if you're familiar with my little part of Oregon, it is a loop hike that begins at Salt Creek Falls) and the hike was beautiful but the mosquitos were huge!!! They were all over me, Tim and the dogs too. Poor us! We would hike in and out of pockets of mosquitos and neither the Buzz Off nor the bug spray kept those buggers away from us.

Indeed, the hike did not begin auspiciously (sp?) as I forgot some of our hiking snacks. Luckily, I packed the cashews but left the goldfish and the raisins on the counter. But once we got started we enjoyed the mosquito-free portions of the hike as well as the incredibly beautiful falls. The dogs like the falls too, especially Shasta who gets so hot on these hikes that she wallows in any pool of water she finds.

back of sweater
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
I finished this sweater a while is a free pattern from made with elann's house wool. It is almost impossible to photograph this sweater, the lace just doesn't show up. Anyway, it is horseshoe lace in the body and milanese (?) lace on the arms. There are points at the bottom hem, which makes it a bit court-jesterish but never mind. It needed heavy blocking (now I know what that means) to make it fit.

Have new things on the needles to show you soon: a felted beret and mermaid socks. And the lotus blossom tank.


Alyssa said...

You've been busy! Looking forward to seeing what you are working on. Sorry about the mosquitos, but at least the hike was good:)

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I went to a sloth preserve which was located on a delta. the mosquitos were not afraid of anything.

Thanks for the info on the shirts nor working. I'd hate to have wasted the $.