Friday, August 25, 2006

Cats in a Sink!

jessie cat
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
Maybe a sequel to Snakes on a Plane?

Jessie Cat enjoys sitting in bowl like objects. She is quite the character.

Not much knitting going on as I am running around getting ready to (finally) go on vacation on Sunday...I'll be sure to post my pics of wips by tomorrow. I'm figuring out what to take on the plane that will entertain me and that has a low chance of confiscation!


Alyssa said...

Our tabby cat, Kilby, loves the sink as well. Strange kitties:)

Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

Sachi said...

I love cats in sinks. I love when they lay in the sink because the contours fit their bodies. It's just so wrong for them to be in the sink but you know... it's just cuteness overload.

kitkatknit said...

Our "little" Ruby (she's a very large boned Maine Coon but super skinny and lite as a feather) loves sinks too. She wants to patent "water coming out of faucet cat drinking fountain" because she is sure she invented it. She doesn't lay or sit in the sink, she spreads herself very unlady like across the sink to get a drink. One paw on each corner.

Anonymous said...

She may be sitting in a sink but she still manages to maintain a sophisticated look. That is tough to pull off when your furry butt is in a sink!