Sunday, August 06, 2006

I Guess a 'Before' Picture Would Help!

dining room
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Here is a picture of our newly painted dining room. we're really happy with how it turned out, especially considering what it looked like before.

Before: the color below the chair rail was a dark pinky purple. Apparently it matched the wallpaper that was above the chair rail, which the previous homeowners removed to sell the house. So above the chair rail, the wall was white-ish with hunks of dried glue and wallpaper bits that they couldn't remove. It was pretty awful. But it is funny how you can ignore something for eight years until one day you have enough.

So now, below the chair rail is a pretty blue-grey color, almost a Williamsburg blue, which matches the chairs and sofa in teh living room which is adjacent to the room. Above is a warm cream color, with yellow undertones, that is so comforting a color. We really like how it turns out.

We primed Friday night (to cover the dark purply pink) and then spent all of yesterday painting, with minimal mishaps and maximum contentment. Our initial panic (this color looks yellow! this color looks grey!) quicklly subsided as we saw how nicely the colors dried and complemented (sp?) each other. All in all, as good of a day as one can have when painting.

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