Friday, August 04, 2006

One down, one and a half to go

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I finished one more afghan square for the afghan that I've been working on for 20 months.

Question for readers: what is your longest WIP? In terms of time it has been a WIP?

Anyway. I was reorganizing the stash a bit preparing for the influx of cotton ease, and counted up my afghan squares. I was surprised that I have 18 full squares done, and one square that needs the border added. So I only have one additional square to finish for the afghan.

Now, you'd think this would send me into the Encore pile and get casting on for square 20. But I haven't. Mostly because it means that I'll have to then put the whole darn thing together, and then knit on the pretty twisty cable border, and the whole thing will be beautiful but I just don't want to do it right now.

I want to cast on for Lady Eleanor.

I feel right now that there is sooooo much I want to knit in the stash right now (yay) and that I wouldn't do the afghan with knitterly joy, just with the feeling that I must finish because I must finish. You know? So...I think I'll wait for that last burst of inspiration to finish the afghan.

Phew! Feel better now.

Not much knitting will be done this weekend, as we paint our dining room. Our house has not been painted since it was build (13 years) and we are slowly (s-l-o-w-l-y) getting around to painting all the rooms. We've done one so far (in May of 2005). At the rate we're going, we'll finish, um, later.


Alyssa said...

My longest knitting work-in-progress is my Trinket scarf. I love it, but Kidsilk Haze mohair and summer stickiness just don't go together. My oldest crochet work-in-progress is a half-finished (aren't I optimistic?) basketweave afghan. Someday I'll finish it. Really!

Your afghan will be wonderful - I wish you luck with sewing together all the squares.

Anonymous said...

The square is so pretty! I bet the afghan will be beautiful. My longest WIP was a cabled vest. Started last September, finished this July. I've only been knitting a few years, so haven't had time for projects to languish forever! Good luck with the afghan AND Lady Eleanor - it looks challenging!

Stephanie said...

Oh - that's pretty. I really like that one.

Anonymous said...

Five years. I'm too embarassed to talk about it.

Ling said...

firstly - congratulations on your blogiversary! Definitely a milestone to be celebrated!

I think the afghan will be gorgeous. Take your time with it, then you'll enjoy it more.

I have 8 balls of Noro Silk Garden in stash set aside for guessed it, Lady Eleanor. Not sure when I'm gonna start it

Sheila E said...

What's the hurry? I think that projects have a life of their own...just like, As long as we learn and enjoy as we go along, when they are done they are truly a joy, in all the ways.
Waiting until it calls to you to be finished is, IMHO, when it's time.
The square shows how lovely the afghan will be when it's done.