Friday, August 18, 2006

One thing leads to another....

Top Down Raglan Cardi
Originally uploaded by kbshee. I managed to really, really mess up a "Knitting Pure and Simple" cardigan.

So here is my cotton-ease cardi blocking out in the garage. This is the Knitting Pure and Simple Top down V Neck Cardigan sweater pattern. It frightens me that I can totally mess up something called Pure and Simple. Here is what happened:

1. If you've done a top down raglan, you know you do increases at the raglan shoulder lines on a pretty regular basis. On a v=neck cardi, you also do increases at each end of the fabric. BUT you stop the v neck increases long before you stop the raglan increases. That is, if you pay attention. If you don't, you end up with about 5 extra inches on either side. Do you frog? Heck no!

You make it a design feature, and integrate some button holes in the rest of the body.

2. On the subject of increases...let's say you end up with a few extrastitches in the armhold area. Like, oh, maybe 15 per sleeves. Do you frog? Heck no! So what if when you return to do the sleeve you need to pick up, oh, 25 stitches instead of the 16 mentioned in the pattern (the pattern is only a suggestion, isn't it?).

You make it a design feature, and hope that batwing sleeves have a miraculous return to popularity toute suite. Or. You hope it shrinks in blocking.

3. And so you now have a sleeve big enough to hold, oh, both your arms and a baseball bat. Instead of doing a sleeve decrease every sixth row, you do one every other row til you get to the elbow. Then you try it on and it is just a weeeee bit snug. Snug enough so that long sleeve shirts will not work under this sweater. Do you frog? Heck no!

Tighttighttight sleeves are now a design feature. And maybe they'll stretch out while blocking.

So here are the lessons we (meaning me) learned:

1. Design features are good
2. Hopefully cotton ease will block into miraculous shapes.
3. Pure and simple is a misnomer if you do not follow the instructions.

Godspeed knitters.

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Unknown said...

I've never tried a top down cardi, I guess you have to reverse all your thinking. I'm sure I would have trouble with that