Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summer Reading

I haven't found any terrific books this summer, unlike last year with the new Harry Potter book and "The Historian". I'm even thinking about re-reading "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" but that might be a book that isn't as good as the second time as the first. Oh well. I did enjoy "The Eight" by Katherine Neville, which was a nice, intellectual break during my "DaVinci Code Wannabe" a thon.

I just finished a book called "The Abortionist's Daughter" that I really liked. It was very much in the style of Chris Bohjalian, another writer who takes on serious topics from a 'this is what happens to an individual' point of view. Part murder mystery and part study of a daughter and her parents, it really sucked me in.

I also enjoyed two non-fiction books, but these might not be to everyone's taste. First was a book called "Hard Sell", which was written by a former prescription drug salesman of what it is like to be, well, a drug salesman. Since my academic research addresses drug advertising, it was interesting to read more about that side of the industry. Second was a book called "Everything I'm Cracked Up to Be", which is a memoir by Jen Trynin, who was/is an 'indie' recording artist who was 'wooed' by a number of record companies in the mid-90s and was destined to be the 'next big alternative rock chick'. It's her story of a very crazy year, and as you probably haven't heard of her you might imagine how it ends. I think Alanis Morrisette ended up being 'the next big...' of that year.

So, I'm still looking for good books if you have any thoughts!


Alyssa said...

I'm reading Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell right now and really enjoying it. I highly recommend Shadows of the Wind by Zafon and I've heard great things about The Prestige (it's going to be a movie soon). Also, anything by Reverte-Perez.

Stephanie said...

The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber

The Little Friend by Donna Tartt

Those are two goodies I read recently.

Anonymous said...

How is Jonathon Strange? I have been interested in reading it but never picked it up. I plan to do a bit of book shopping on my trip, so I am looking for rec's.

sheep#100 said...

Take a peek at the left sidebar of my blog - I list all of the books read in the year to date. Maybe you'll find a little fun summer reading there.

Ling said...

Sorry no help on the reading front - I barely have time to knit and occassionally read a bit of a newspaper.

Love how Lady E is looking!! Mine will be in shade 217 - purpley, green and red. I haven't started it yet as I drowning in WIPs at the moment!!!