Monday, August 21, 2006

Three Good Books

A few posts back, I had mentioned that I was having trouble finding some good books to read this summer. I've just finished three good books so I thought I'd take a moment and tell you about them.

1. Do you like "Six Feet Under"? One of the writers on the show, Jill Soloway, just wrote a memoir that really isn't about Six Feet Under but is really good anyway. I love this writer for a couple of reasons. We both have a very similar Alpha Phi story, she lived in downtown Chicago near where I lived, and she admits she googles herself (and if you google yourself and find my blog, Jill Soloway, please leave a comment because there is a question about your book I really, really have to ask you). It is funny and smart and interesting and NOT a waste of your time.

2. I picked up "London is the Best City in America" by Laura Dave thinking it was a book about people in my favorite city in the world, London. Wrong! It was a good book anyway: the weekend in the life of a sister and brother where the brother is getting married and isn't sure it is the best idea. Imperfect families figuring out tough things. You could probably read this in an afternoon on a hammock and it would be an afternoon well spent.

3. Alyssa of Sock Yarn Fame recommended The Prestige by Christopher Priest. It is the story of two magicians and their years-long feud (does it sound like Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell yet?). It is told from multiple points of view and is just really fascinating. It was really one of the first 'can't put down' books I've read since, um, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (what is it about books about magicians?). I have never heard of this author but would definitely try another Priest novel.

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