Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You KNEW I would!

lady e #1
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Start Lady Eleanor's Shawl, that is.

The minute I read a comment from Ling that she had the yarn for this (Noro Silk Garden, which is what I have too) I knew that I had to get started on this beauty. I love entrelac...I did the French Market Bag and am happy about doing another entrelac piece. I love that it just grows in a beautiful way.

This Silk Garden is colorway 84, in reds and brown and a bit of purple. This seems perfect for fall. I don't really love Noro colors, but I like this one. And it was much more cost efficient to use this than to use the 'recommended' yarn (La Lana wool which costs, I believe, your first born child and a puppy too). (I love La Lana Wool, I really do. But honestly. Ka ching).


sheep#100 said...

Would you believe that I am knitting one in LB WoolEase so that I can leave it on the sofa for chilly evenings and still drop it into the washer with no worries?

Pretty colors.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at the Noro at Ben Franklins the other day because I was thinking about this shawl. It's so beautiful. Even with the Noro, it's expensive! 100 bucks for a shawl. I need a full time job first.

Anonymous said...

I am really loving that colorway. I plan to buy four skeins of Silk Garden for a Clapotis for me. And I want something that is red and purple but NOT in a red hat lady kind of way.

The design is great too. It reminds of a toddler scarf I made earlier this year. It is looking gorgeous!

Alliesw said...

Oh, it's beautiful--it makes me want to try entrelac, and the colors are beautiful too!