Saturday, September 09, 2006

Alaska Pt. 1

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I realize I haven't really written anything about Alaska, other than a bunch of bizarre random thoughts. i think the hugeness of Alaska is just sort of overwhelming my recollections of the vacation....every day something magical happened but that magical moment was enfolded in such wonder and awe it is hard to make sense of us.

This yarn, purchased at Skeins in Juneau, reminds me of the glaciers...not the cotton-ease popsicle blue of the glaciers but the steep rock walls that provide the entryway to the glaciers themselves. These steep walls are where the glacier has recently been, so no vegetation has started to grow yet. However, the steep rocks are home to numerous waterfalls which spilled over from the heavy rains in Alaska this year.

We spent two days with glaciers: one day in a place called Tracy Arm, south of Juneau,and the second day in Glacier Bay National Park. Did I mention to you we were on a ship...a small, 80 passenger boat/ship/vessel that can get closer to glaciers than the behemoth cruise ships that hold hundreds of people? Anyway, yes we were. And we knew we were getting close to glaciers when the boat started hitting the glacial ice that floated in the water...leftovers from the calving of the glaciers. Calving is when a hunk of glacier falls off the glacier and lands in the water. It makes a thunderous noise, which the locals call blue thunder, since glacial ice is blue (but I've mentioned that about a gazillion times). We saw distant calving at the glacier in Tracy Arm...known as Sawyer Glacier, and pretty much non stop calving at one of the Glaciers in GBNP: Johns Hopkins Glacier.

I wasn't too psyched about seeing glaciers..I mean, a bunch of ice, what's the big deal? But glaciers are dynamic, changing, creating and destroying beauty virtually simultaneously...they're pretty amazing things.

I'll stop here. Believe it or not, the landsickness is still with me, and I spent most of the morning incredibly sick to my stomach for no earthly good reason. Please hold a good thought that this clears up for me soon and I get my 'land legs' back!


Alyssa said...

I find it can take a week or two to get settled back on land. Just drink a lot of water and sleep a lot:)
Your vacation sounds so wonderful. I've always wanted to go to Alaska. It's neat hearing about your experiences.

Ling said...

Wow - sounds like you had a fab time in Alaska! I'd love to visit. Great yarn choice - really lovely colours.

I've always found ginger in hot water or ginger tea helps with the landsickness. Hope you feel better soon.

Life's a Stitch said...

Hi Kim, I , too, have suffered from land sickness and it has a name - mal de debarquement. It lasted three weeks for me but it's different for others. It's an affliction of women and is hormone related. I've been on a ship since then and didn't have it, so there's hope. Good luck,