Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something Red!

something red
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I finished my something red the other day...I know this is hard to see because of my spookily large hands and the ghost of Tim jumping into the picture.


And it is just looks uneven in the photo.

I'll take a better one, I promise. I love the sweater and I loved knitting the pattern, and will have to make some other cardigans using my cotton ease stash.

jessie in the linen closet
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Jessie Cat just cracks me up. I opened our linen closet (which is actually a cabinet in our bathroom) and she just jumps in there and snuggles down in the towel. I think I could have shut the door and she would have stayed there all night.

Sorry I haven't blogged more...I have a wicked sinus infection and all I want to do is lay on the couch and knit in stockinette. Did you see the new Lion Brand catalogue? There was a cute shrug pattern in there using moonlight mohair, a bunch of which was living in my stash. So I'm working on that, in between blowing my nose and taking little naplets.


Alyssa said...

Something Red is wonderful, as is the picture - love the spooky hands:)

Nice to see a kitty picture too. Cats like nothing more than a linen closet for snoozing.

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

You just can't seem to shake the sickness thing. I'm sending good thoughts your way. Love the red cardigan. Just in time for all the rain.

Jasmine has been opening up our linen closet herself so that she can find a place to snuggle in.

Anonymous said...

Cute kitty pictures are alwyas a homerun especially when paired with a finished something red pic too!

Girl you are knittin' machine no matter the state of your sinuses. ;-)

Feel better.

Jessica said...

I love that something red picture. It is hilarious that Tim jumped in. Hahaha.
the sweater looks fantastic!