Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Station Break

Most of my knitting is in a 'not very interesting' stage, so I thought I'd take a break and reflect on the new TV season.

Every Fall, Tim and I sample a few of the new shows. What happens more often than not is that we start to watch a show and then it gets cancelled (hello Commander in Chief!). So we always watch the new shows with a bit of trepidation. Anyway...we've watched four new shows. One is a keeper, one is a maybe, and two are fuggedaboutits.

The Keeper: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, aka Chandler Bing and Josh Lymon put on a show (with a little help from Danny Kilcannon).

You have probably heard about this Aaron Sorkin show, and it's pretty good. I have a bit of trouble seeing Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford NOT as Chandler and Josh, although in the episode last night they mussed up Josh's hair a bit and put him in less-Joshy clothes. I wish his charachter's name wasn't Danny, because it reminds me of Danny Kilcanoon, which reminds me of Timothy Busfield, who is also in the show, although all his character does is sit in the control room and say directorish things. Anyway. It's pretty good. We'll watch for a while.

The Maybe: Kidnapped, aka "The Billy Show"
This is not Vanished (see below) or Runaways (on the new CW). A rich guy's son is kidnapped, and said rich guy hires Jeremy Sisto (his character's name is Knapp) to find him. Knapp is (I think) a former 'fed' who now freelances in bringing kidnapped people home (and how do you find those people? the Yellow pages?). Anyway, we are watching this show because Jeremy Sisto played "Billy" in 'Six Feet Under", which we like a lot. My guess is this will be cancelled soon, but we'll see.

The Fuggedaboutit #1: Vanished aka "The Brian Show"
Another show about a rich guy's wife being kidnapped. We tried this show once because it was on after "Prison Break" and it starred Gale Harold, who played "Brian" on "Queer as Folk". It was pretty contrived, and not too well acted, so we didn't return after one episode. I don't think it will be on too long.

The Fuggedaboutit #2: Brothers and Sisters aka "The Brenda Show"
This is a family drama where everyone has secrets secrets secrets. We watched an episode because it starred Rachel Griffiths, who played Brenda on "Six Feet Under". She's great. The rest of the show...not so great. Tim thinks Calista Flockheart has a bit of a monkey face. I just dont get her. It's getting sort of positive reviews, but we won't be back.

So that's it for our TV viewing. More knitting tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

We don't have TV stations so we watch older things. Right now we've been watching "Six Feet Under" and are in the middle of the 4th season. I've seen almost the whole show, but Anthony hasn't. It's my favorite so of course I had to expose him the goodness.

It's to bad the show with Rachel Griffiths is no good.