Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Still Recovering

I have landsickness...that is, the feeling that you're still on a ship when you're on land. This happened on the only other cruise I was ever on (20+ years ago) and it is not pleasant. All the 'benefits' of being seasick with none of the excitement. Anyway, I slapped on my last scopalamine (sp?) patch and hope that by tomorrow I"ll be back in the swing of things. The problem with the patch is that it makes my close up vision very very blurry, and that limits my knitting, reading, blogging, etc.

Because. Tomorrow. A big day. The Yarn Harlot will be in Eugene, and I'm going! More importantly, I'm going to catch up with Bonnie from Costa Rica, Jodie and Lori from Lincoln City . Along wtih associated significant others and wonderful mothers in law. It should be fun. Please don't let me vomit on the Harlot.

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