Friday, September 08, 2006

You Want Pictures?

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You got pictures.

I'm not saying they're great, but they're pictures.

First, the Yarn Harlot was amazing. You must go see her. She is just as funny in person as in her writing, and she is so real. Her voice surprised sort of smoky and throaty and she should do voice overs for, oh I don't know, glamorous products. Anyway. Here's me and Bonnie as we swooped on Stephanie at the signing table and made everyone behind us mad because we (read, I) kept yammering.

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And so yeah, I met Bonnie from Costa Rica! Here she is working on her clapotis withTIm leaning back to make sure I get a good picture. On the other side of Bonnie is her rockin' MIL, Ceceila, who also came along. Tim and Cecelia get the Good Sports Award for sitting among a pile of giggling knitters whilst most of the humor was relatively incomprehensible to them.

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I got to meet Anthony, the s.o. of my favorite knitting buddy Jodie. Don't they look great together? Anthony was brave enough to ask Stephanie a question about any hints she has for muggles who live with knitters. Her response: yarn is always an appropriate gift.

I also got to meet Lori but the camera ran out of batteries. She was there with her two beautiful daughters who were knitting away. So cute!

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And just to get a bit of knitting content in: here are the Alaska socks, which are almost done. Magic stripes, basic ribbed pattern, cuff down. I will finish these up this weekend most likely. I did these on 3s since I wanted to use my bamboo needles to minimize the chance of confiscation.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised by her voice too. I'm so glad we got to see you there, and meet Tim.

PS The socks are cute, and I'm pretty sure the whole post is knitting content. :)

Alliesw said...

Meeting the Yarn Harlot--just one more reasno to move where it is cold, or at least colder than here, or at least closer to Canada (where my 7 yr old now wants to move so there can be snow, and knitting too!)

Cindy said...

I got to meet the Yarn Harlot when she was in St. Louis. I'd never even seen one of her books, or her blog at that point -- I got dragged to her visit by a friend who also knits. That's how I discovered the wonderful world of knit blogging.

Since then I've been reading of her visits all over everywhere. It makes me wish I was independently wealthy & could follow her tour like the Deadheads of old. ;-)

But it's fun to read about her visits from both her point of view & from the people who attended.

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you and Tim.

Not only did we meet the Yarn Harlot but we made it on to her blog too. We are tres cool!