Monday, October 30, 2006

Lots of Wips

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We returned from our weekend trip to San Jose...Tim's sister Candace, the incredible knitter, had a birthday open house and we joined Tim's parents and his brother Paul to be part of the fun. The weather was incredibly warm, which was such a treat. In addition to the open house (and my bil Bill's incredible food, that man can cook a mean chicken wing) we also got to spend some time with our nephew Stephen, who is 16 and just a terrific kid. We're so lucky that he doesn't mind spending an hour or two with his Ancient Aunt and Uncle. We also spoke (via phone) with Stephen's sister, our niece Jean, who is having a great time her first semester at college. We missed having her there, but hearing the pure happiness in her voice more than made up for it.

And knitting? You want some knitting?

I did finish the Rogue Sleeves, actually bound them off about 40 miles south of Eugene on our way home. I now have the front neckline and the hood, and then I'm done. I love this.

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I finished my first Central Aire (and yes, those holes are supposed to be there). I also got a good start on the second one, and have the leg about 2/3 done. It was fun to sit around and knit with Candace, she was working on Jaywalkers in gorgeous colors.

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And finally, the new sock yarn from the STR club arrived today and I LOVE THIS YARN AND THIS COLORWAY! Did you hear me? I love it! The pattern is good too. So I'll start these just as soon as I get those Central Aires done. Not enough knitting time in the day, is there?

So it was a good weekend if a bit short for driving about 1200 miles round trip. But I got a lot of good knitting time in. And the dogs had fun with their puppy cousins Casey and Gus. So a good time was definitely had by all.

How was your weekend?


Alyssa said...

Can't wait to see Rogue! And I am totally in agreement with you about the new STR and pattern. Love them! Love love love! :)

Carol said...

I gotta get some of that STR! Nice! We too, are the ancients now. Where does time go? I got in a little knitting, but not much. Never enough! Just chores kinda stuff & tomorrow is back to work.
Amazing socks!