Saturday, October 14, 2006

National Knitting Week!

Did you know this week (10/14-10/21) is National Knitting Week?

Like many wonderful things, it is a British idea ( which makes me love the thought even more.

So, I'm going to try to Celebrate every day of National Knitting Week in some way. I'll KIP, I'll give something away or maybe I'll just have a little Knitting party all by myself. Not sure. But I'd love to hear YOUR ideas on how to celebrate NKW! Or how I should celebrate NKW!

Today I KIP at the Home Show while I was waiting for Tim to talk to a guy who does a special building technique. A gentleman came up and asked if he could take my picture while I was working (I guess he wanted my head down and not to see my face). I happily obliged. I don't think he was a creepy person...he was from a Foreign Land and probably just wanted a momento of Crazy American Knitter Lady trying to put a sock that fell off the needles back on the needles.

Doncha think?


Carol said...

Now I know! Tomorrow is knit night with the girls so that should be even more fun! I knit in public all the time and take it with me everywhere (just in case). My family and neighbors are used to seeing me take photos of almost everything, sometimes in my PJs, so seeing me knitting is probably a more rational thing to them ;)

Carol said...

Kim, Thanks so much for the link to Judy's! One good thing about being new, there's too much to learn to have definite preferences! And I'm trying to learn every cast on I can. This one looks too good not to try.

Jessica said...

Well I plan to celebrate Knitting Week by sending you some yarn... actually it is on its way, you should be getting some sock yarn from me on tuesday or wednesday!