Monday, October 16, 2006

Rogue and Rain

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Today is the first official day of winter in's raining. Hard. I spent some of the day on I-5 driving in some pretty serious downpours, so I can attest, winter is here.

I'm on sabbatical til April...that means that I have an extended period of time where I'm not expected to do any University teaching, no faculty meetings, no committee work. I put in a write a book...and that is what I've been doing since the new semester started. It's hard for me, though, to totally break off, and I've probably spent a day per week on University business (today it was visiting a very generous alumni donor) but I really have to stop that. I'm so protective over my 'space', though, it is a hard thing to do.

But anyway. Knitting Week! On Sunday I celebrated by sharing a technique (Judy's magic cast on) with an Internet knitting friend (Hi Carol!). Today I celebrated by finishing a vest and deciding to send it to Afghans for A fghans (they're looking for vests for Afghan winters).

Here's a picture of my just-started's a pullover knit in the round with these terrific cables on the sides. I'm loving, LOV.ING. the Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool that I"m working with (who knew? Lion Brand makes a fabulous yarn! Fisherman's Wool! Lanolin included!!).
I haven't knit in a worsted wool for a while...I've been doing a lot of stuff wtih cotton, and with fingering/sock yarn, so I haven't knit anything with this type of wool for a while...and come to think of it (breathe, Kim, breathe) the last wool I used was elann peruvian wool which, while nice, isn't as nice as Fisherman's wool. Must be the Lanolin!

Anyway...i'im babbling. How are YOU celebrating?


Alyssa said...

Ooooh, Rogue! And writing a book! Wow!
I forgot it's knitting week. I'll be sure to knit even more:)
Oh, and the Emperor's Children book you recommended? I had written it down on my list of books to read a couple days ago. Great minds:)

Carol said...

Congrats! I hope the book writing goes well! Isn't it great the Lion makes Fusherman's Wool? I just purchased The Great American Aran Afghan pattern book, & Lion will actually make it affordable. I love the cables going on there! A nice donation indeed! I'm working on hats for Rabbitch's cause & they're a small enough project even for me! Although 3 family members want a hat too (for FL, are they silly?) I have to make another hat to replace the one I made with fig 8 CO, so next time it will be the Magic CO! Happy writing & knitting!

Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations on your sabbatical! My husband is on sabbatical for this school year and it has been wonderful. Rogue looks just great!