Sunday, October 08, 2006

This Just Might....

one more
Originally uploaded by kbshee. the last square for the Aran Afghan...I haven't counted in a while but it might just be. I did the 'inside' of this square a while ago, and then messed up the first time I tried to knit the border. Thus, it was put away for a bit. I finished the border and just now sewed it on, and here it is. There's a bit of a 'design element' in the lower right hand corner, but my thought is that when looking at a 20-square afghan a little design element here and there isn't going to hurt anything.

We had a nice weekend, the weather was gorgeous and we spent a bit of time roaming around 'downtown' Eugene yesterday afternoon. Friday night we went to our local high school's homecoming football game...the son of our friends Deb and Dan plays on the team (he's an offensive linesman I think? But honestly, what do I know). That was fun, and very little has changed in high school games since I was there other than 1. it costs $5 to get in (but maybe that was because of the lights?) and 2. Once you leave you can't get back in (I guess to discourage high school student mischief). Anyway, the Axemen lost against the Cavemen (not kidding on the names) but it was still a fun time.

I've been working on another Log Cabin Square (its gawgeous, made of all the yarn sent in by lovely visitors to my blog) as well as still widdershins-ing and getting ready to start on another Christmas present. I'm reading a terrific book, "Special Topics in Calamity Physics" which is terrific (Alyssa, hon, read this book).

So life, as usual, is good.


Carol said...

Holy cow! A nice square! With time to spare to read....ahhh somedayyyy ;)

Anonymous said...

A nice cool fall evening in Eugene. You lucky girl. The autumn leaves and the crisp air. I wish I was there!!!!

Alyssa said...

Thanks for the book rec! The square looks great. Can't wait to see the finished afghan:)