Wednesday, October 18, 2006


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After several months of being on the needles, Tim's Widdershis are done. These are living up to their name, as they have been enchanted (and not in a good way) by the Faieries. It has taken forever to do them, as they continually have fallen off the needles for no darn good reason. And I have pretty mixed feelings about the sock in general.

Originally uploaded by kbshee.

Here's a close up of the cable. I loved the pattern, it is a beautiful cable pattern and I used Judy's magic cast on for the toe which I also loved. Toe up, which I love, except I'm sort of disenchanted with short row heels. The yarn was nice to work with (Toasty Toes) but I don't like the colors at all (Tim wanted some 'forest green' socks, so I picked it up with this in mind). Isn't it funny...when you don't like the colors you're working with, it can really affect the project?

So I immediately cast on for a new pair of socks for ME using STR. I really should do a Christmas present but oh well.

So that's my celebration of NKW for yesterday: done widdershins. And keep your fingers crossed that the faieries leave me alone!


Alyssa said...

Yea! Finished socks! They look great. So, what color of STR did you cast on?

Anonymous said...

Mine took forever too. Can't wait to see the STR goodness. I'm going to live vicariously through you and your STR.

KarenK said...

So.... if you're disenchanted with short-row heels, did you try the heel flap in the Widdershins pattern? I did, and like it much better than short-row shaping. It was a bit complex-sounding, but easier than it appeared once I actually had the stitches on the needles and wrapped my mind around the concept of doing a top-down heel flap, only working at it from the other direction.

Kim in Oregon said...

I forgot about that other heel option...mostly because the instructions kept disappearing (I told you, faieries) and I just ended up with the one page with the short row heels that I basically pinned to my pants.

Alyssa, I'm doing using the Titania colorway socks and the 'easy' pattern that STR sent!

Carol said...

Your socks look great! Love the cables...I think yes, color influences liking/or not the projects we work on. At least it does me.