Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Could I Be Less Exciting?

back of #21
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It's funny to go from Rogue to "#21"...the sweater with the fair isle sleeve in the new VK. It's just so plain at this point. But here's a pic anyway. The back is done, the front is almost done, and then the fun fair isle stuff starts. So stay tuned, it will get better.

Busy times here. I'm in charge of the competitive papers for an upcoming conference so I'm juggling 155 reviewers reviewing 144 papers. The deadline is tomorrow, and I'm missing about 1/3 of the reviews. I'm also plowing ahead on the Word Of Mouth book, and we have someone working on our behalf with publishers to get it off the ground. And then, Tim's friend Thomas from Erlangen in Germany is here for a few days. We took him over to the coast on Sunday and the weather was Godawful. Lori, hon, I hope you and yours haven't blown away!

Thanks for all your nice comments about la Rogue.


rosy said...

Hi Kim
thank you for your nice comments on my blog - i found yours in a link on another blog (which i found by 'randomness') - and i enjoy looking at it and reading about life 'across the pond'
in answer to your queries:
stella and frankie are my 2 daughters
stella's 3 children are collectively known as the pies - but really it's a l-o-n-g story to explain WHY exactly
best wishes

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Saw your blog link on the Knitter's Review Forum and thought I would stop in and say hello!

Carol said...

Knitting, boring? Neva! Nice color blue on your new sweater. Hope all comes together smoothly for you. have a great week!